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  • - Red Seas Fire -

    "Down to the team at MetalWasp they helped us bring our song to life through the masterpiece of what was created in one very busy, structured day. The team also worked around us and the time that we had at our given location. Making it an all round fun experience, which is what it should be when you're making a video. Dan and the teams enthusiasm and smart thinking helped pick out some great shots for the video, using the the surroundings we had. Almost risking his life on a good 50ft+ unstable ladder for one shot. You know you need this guy making your next video. Don't question it, just do it."
  • - Metasoma -

    "Working with MetalWasp has been a real pleasure for all of us. Not only because of Dan and his team's full commitment to what they do. But also understanding what the music represents throughout the whole process. From coming up with the ideas, knowing and studying the song, baring with us till the last stage of the video and taking and interpreting as much as possible from ideas that were suggested. I wouldn't recommend anyone but MetalWaspMedia for a real fun and pleasurable venture that's worth the time and the money"
  • - Sleeka -

    "I had a very tight timescale to work with but Dan was very quick to respond. After reviewing our fairly vague video treatment we booked a date in for the shoot. It went very well and Dan and his crew were very professional throughout. The post production work was completed on time and to a very high standard. Overall we are more than satisfied with the result and would recommend MetalWasp to other labels and artists. We were one of Dan's first Urban music videos, however he clearly has no problems producing videos for any genre of music. Excellent quality and very good value."
  • - Sondura -

    "Dan at MetalWasp made the "Were Here Now" video for Sondura and we couldnt be happier with it. He brought it in on time and on budget and was great to work with. He was also very helpful after the event with uploading it to various different sites and making it available to TV channels for us - so we got brilliant "after sales service" too. Good job all round!"
  • - Arbitors -

    "We are immensely proud of the video that MetalWasp provided for us. From the moments of its inception, sitting down together and brainstorming ideas until the end of the amazingly hot shoot, Dan was driven to make the best product he could. Even after the shoot there was a lot of editing to take care of and the finished article just looks stunning. For anyone else on a budget, or just looking for value for money, MetalWasp deliver and come highly recommended."
  • - The Attic -

    "From the initial meeting to final production Dan was professional. We spent ages going through a bunch of ideas to find the ideal video to showcase our song. Dan understood what we wanted straight away, and suggested some huge improvements that we didn't think were going to be possible given the budget and time available. On the shoot day Dan maintained a great atmosphere in the room, his bizarre sense of humour breaking up a long and tiring day... He put our actor at ease and was time efficient with a great attention for detail. The final video was awesome, and we could not have asked for any more, we would not hesitate to recommend this dude and his crew."
  • - Escape These Eyes -

    "We wanted a massive party with thousands of lights. but our budget was tight! Dan managed to take our ideas and turn them into reality. He was very approachable and inspired you to make the music video just as much he wanted to. With our budget, we honestly dont think we could of got such a professional music video with the least amount of stress possible. Dan was extremely organised, knowing exactly what needed to be done to get all the shots. We would love to carry on working with MetalWasp. For such a long day of shooting and the hours of editing we thank you greatly and would recommend this company to anyone!"
  • - Lay Siege -

    "We could not have had a better video produced on our budget. Dan included everything we wanted in the video, and even skipped a hot lunch indoors to stay outside in -14 degrees celsius and collect shots that we had not even thought of. Dan also showed his commitment to producing the best end product possible by buying lighting and lenses specifically for our shoot. Lay Siege would recommend MetalWasp without hesitation."
  • - Collisions -

    "After discussions with LOADS of media companies we finally settled on MetalWasp. Dans enthusiasm for the project was totally infectious and he was willing to take on board all of our ideas from the off. From location scouting to the final edit, Dans professionalism shone throughout - considering the short deadline we're all amazed he stayed sane - let alone complete ahead of schedule! We were all totally blown away with the final version and cant wait for everyone to see it when it debuts on Scuzz TV! Look no further than MetalWasp! Well be back, even if we have to queue! Dan (The Man) Sanchez - for all your visual media needs!"
  • - Carmenta -

    "We were introduced to Dan and began discussing our first music video. He immediately started coming up with amazing ideas after hearing our song. He was always so enthusiastic about doing our video which means a lot, and we knew we had the right man for the job. On the day of the shoot he put us all at ease and guided us through what we needed to do. The day was filled with laughs and it was so relaxed. To our surprise 6 days after filming we were contacted to say the video was finished. I wish I could find better words to decribe what our reaction to the video was, but blown away is the closest we can get. We recommend any band out there to contact MetalWasp and book up."
  • - The Rabhus -

    "MetalWasp are incredibly easy to work with, hard working and most of all fun! The day of the shoot was easy and stress free, with Dan taking all the stress of setting the shoot up. We could relax and get on with what bands do best, getting drunk. We're dead impressed with the quality of the work. The video kicks the arse out of a lot of 'pro-shot' videos that are currently doing the rounds on Scuzz and Kerrang and we think Dan accurately captured the mood and energy of the band and song. Lastly, Dan is incredibly professional, we filmed our video in a PUB and he didn't touch a DROP of booze for 13 hours, this guy doesn't smoke or go for fag breaks, he is a MACHINE!!"
  • - Burn City Burn -

    "Filming was enjoyable and Dan was well prepared explaining to us what needed to be done. As a band we felt comfortable filming with Dan as being a fellow musician he understands things from a bands perspective in comparison to maybe another director who has no interest in music. Editing didn't take long and we were excited to see the final product. After viewing it all together we were extremely happy with how the video turned out, even better than we expected! The key things for us were how the video flowed with song; this was something other directors had failed with us as a band in the past. Working with MetalWasp was a pleasure, something we would love to do again."
  • - Charlotte Carpenter -

    "Filming my music video with Dan was amazing. Any ideas he made happen and in a way which was better than I could imagine. Especially with his passion for metal music and my songs being pretty different to this, he understood the theme I wanted perfectly. It showed his diverse range in filming and his appreciation towards music in general. He was extremely professional which made the filming process easy and very enjoyable! Editing was so quick, so he is a very reliable man to work with. I can't imagine my first music video to be any better than it is, it's as though he took the idea from my mind and gave it to me as a film. The whole experience has been perfect. Thank you Dan!"

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